New partnership, even more sustainable products:

naVitalo® cooperates with PURIS®

Mülheim an der Ruhr, May 08, 2023: For more than ten years, naVitalo® has been synonymous for plant-based products that meet all the principles of ecological and ethical food production – strictly controlled, sustainable and environmentally friendly. This standard is supported by a carefully selected network of partners. The cooperation with the U.S. company PURIS is new: Under the motto “Plants, People, Planet”, PURIS will also open up a high-quality product portfolio to naVitalo® customers in the future.

Founded in 1985, PURIS is the benchmark in the U.S. market for vegetable proteins based on pure, organic ingredients. In 2014, the Minnesota-based company set a new standard for nutritional value and taste in pea protein with its PURIS® pea brand. As a purely plant-based, gluten-free and vegan protein alternative, pea protein also plays an important role in the naVitalo® portfolio; it is considered an ideal alternative to animal proteins, especially in baked goods and in the production of plant-based meat substitutes.

PURIS®, being the largest U.S. producer of pea proteins, is thus an ideal partner in the naVitalo® network, whose scope of production also includes non-GMO plant-based ingredients from soy, pulse, lentils and corn.

A quote Tyler Lorenzen, PURIS® CEO – “Sustainability and innovation are the core of what we do at PURIS®. Partnering with naVitalo® whoś values align closely with ours is exciting, and our team is eager to service the European market with high quality pea ingredients.”

Sustainability is a clear basis for all PURIS® products: Only the highest-quality organic plants are processed, all nutrients such as proteins, starches, sugars and fibers are extracted, and every part of the plant is used. As a result, there is less waste and less environmental impact – and lower costs for the production of a high-quality product portfolio.”This standard corresponds one-to-one with the naVitalo® principles of ecological and ethical food production. We are pleased, to enrich our portfolio with PURIS® by further high-quality food raw materials,” says Marcel Vietz, CEO of naVitalo®.

Customers of the Mülheim-based company will have access to a wide range of products from pea proteins to pea starches, pea fibers, pea syrup and tasty pea protein crisps in future. And the applications are just as versatile: The PURIS® portfolio is ideally suited for the production of, for example, protein bars, beverages, burgers, meat substitutes, pasta, dips, baked goods and snacks.

About us

Building on ten years of experience, naVitalo® specializes in organic quality products that meet special nutritional needs – e.g. food intolerances, allergies or the desire for a vegan and sustainable diet. The company, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, currently supplies its product range primarily to B2B partners that manufacture food products.