A delicious smoothie in the morning

is the simplest way to create a quick and healthy breakfast in less than two minutes.

• 200g Maracuja
• 200g Mango
• 400g Orange Juice
• 100g Vanilla Joghurt
• 10g PromOat®
• 80g Water
• Mint
• Crushed Ice

There are no major differences between the processes to make conventional viscous beverages, or with added Organic PromOat.

PromOat should be added to the other dry ingredients in the formulation (if any) before mixing with liquid ingredients to aid dispersion.

The dry ingredients mix (or PromOat alone) should be added to the liquid ingredients under high Shear.

PromOat is heat and acid-stable – it can be used in formulations with low pH (3,5 as lowest) and it can be used in beverages that will be pasteurized.

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