Burger lovers watch out! We have a delicious vegan burger patty for you​

• 600g Water ​
• 200g Texturized Pea Protein​
• 50g Puffed Rice ​
• 75g Sunflower Oil ​
• 50g Coconut Oil ​
• 50g Rice Protein ​
• 15g Tomato Paste ​
• 15g Tapioca Fiber ​
• 15g Salt ​
• 5g Methylcellulose ​
• 5g Natural Flavor ​
• 5g Mustard ​

Add water to Texturized Pea Protein and Puffed Rice. Mix it to a fluffy mass and leave it for 1 hour. Put all the other ingredients in and form it to a homogeneous burger patty (100-150g) ​

Cook it in a pan with oil for 7-10 min each side. ​

Now start to create your unique Burger, with a sour-dough Burger Bun, green salad, cucumber, tomatoes, roasted onions, avocado, and sauces of your choice.​

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