Do you like Sushi ?we think sushi is great. unfortunately the vegan sushi selection is limited. today we have a great recipe for you….

You need (for 2 Person)double if you need more:

• 250g cooked Basmati Rice
• 50ml Rice vinegar
• 1El rice syrup
• A large pinch of salt
• 6 half nori seaweed leaves
• 1 avocado
• 1 cucumber
• handful of cooked kale
• 1 tsp sesame seeds

Pour rice into a wooden bowl.Mix together rice vinegar,rice syrup and a good pinch of salt.

Cut avocado and cucumber into small pieces.

Wrap a sushi mat with clear plastic wrap. Place half a nori seaweed sheet, with the shiny side down on the sushi mat.

With moistened hands,place a portion of rice on top of the seaweed sheet and rectangularly fill the nori sheet. flattening the rice.

Gently turn nori sheet with rice on sushi mat. Place avocado and cucumber in the center of the nori sheet and form a compact roll using the sushi mat. Cut sushi roll into pieces with a very sharp, moistened knife.

sprinkle the finished sushi rolls with the cooked kale and sesame seeds

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