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Hemp protein: unhealthy or alternative source of protein

Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world. In the past, it was known primarily as a supplier of raw materials and a source of food – until it became associated with drug trafficking. Even today, this bad reputation is still attached to the hemp plant. Foodstuffs made from the plant therefore do […]

Tapioca syrup: advantages and applications

Plant-based substitutes for industrial sugar are becoming increasingly popular. On the one hand, many people want to do without the artificially produced sweetness for health reasons. But also those who like it a little milder are well served with an alternative. There are now many different vegetable sweeteners, including tapioca syrup. This is considered a […]

Meat substitutes from oats: protein textures in food production

There are many reasons why people limit their meat consumption. These include health aspects as well as animal welfare and environmental protection. The moral dilemma: giving up meat for good reasons and liking the texture and taste are two different pairs of shoes. The demand for plant-based alternatives is therefore growing all the time. But […]

Oat beta-glucan: Dietary fiber with many benefits

Oats are appearing more and more frequently on menus. There are good reasons for this, because the grain is very versatile. For example, it is convincing in the form of oat drink, as a meat substitute or in breakfast cereals. In addition to the wide range of applications, however, oats are particularly convincing in that […]

Application and benefits of syrup powder and maltodextrin from rice

Rice is a cereal with many advantages. Above all, you benefit from the many possible applications. Whether as a cooked grain, vegan rice drink or protein powder – you have a few options open to you. We would like to go into a little more detail on two of them in this blog post: Syrup […]

Oat drink for mixing: Advantages of oat powder

More and more people are replacing cow’s milk with plant-based alternatives. The focus is not always on a vegan lifestyle: animal welfare, the environment, health … there are many reasons to turn to plant-based drinks. Reason enough for common grocery stores to include different varieties in their assortment. Here you will also find oat drinks […]

Rice protein: amino acid profile and other positive properties

When looking for vegan proteins, you will always come across rice proteins. No wonder, after all, these are considered one of the best alternatives to animal products. This is due, among other things, to their advantageous amino acid profile. What the composition of the protein building blocks in rice protein looks like and what positive […]

Rice drink powder: benefits and use of the plant-based milk alternative

Rice drink is one of many plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk. In liquid form, you can now get it in almost every common grocery store. However, rice drink powder is also increasingly being used. Mixed with water, you can also make the popular drink. Beyond that, however, there are many other beneficial applications. What these […]

Oat protein as an alternative to animal sources of protein

Proteins are a relevant part of the daily diet, after all, they are among the three most important main nutrients for the human body. As a source of protein, foods of animal origin probably come to mind first. However, there are many plant-based alternatives to meat and cottage cheese that have a high protein content. […]

Tapioca: What is it and how can it be used?

Tapioca is a plant starch obtained from the cassava root. It has a neutral taste and is therefore suitable for both sweet and hearty dishes. It is precisely because tapioca can be used in so many different ways that it is becoming increasingly popular – and not just in the food industry! Find out how […]