Oat drink for mixing: Advantages of oat powder

oat milk powder for mixing

More and more people are replacing cow’s milk with plant-based alternatives. The focus is not always on a vegan lifestyle: animal welfare, the environment, health … there are many reasons to turn to plant-based drinks.

Reason enough for common grocery stores to include different varieties in their assortment. Here you will also find oat drinks (often incorrectly referred to as oat milk) as standard. Not yet so widespread, but quite practical is oat drink powder. What advantages this brings with it, is the subject of this blog post.

What is oat drink powder?

The difference with the oat drink in the tetra-pack is primarily in the application. With oat drink powder, you get an alternative to mixing it yourself. The product is created by subjecting oats to a diffusion process. During this process the cereal gets the changed consistency. Depending on the manufacturer, the procedure and the addition of other ingredients may vary somewhat. However, as a rule, it is still a natural product, consisting primarily of oats.

You can mix the resulting powder with water. This will give you an oat drink that is the same as the one you get in the supermarket.

Oat Powder in a Bowl with Milk beneath.

Oat Powder in a Bowl

Mix oat drink instead of buying liquid: What are the advantages?

But why should you resort to oat drink for mixing when you can get the time-saving alternative in any grocery store or wholesale? In fact, there are several arguments in favor of oat drink powder:
You have control over how intense the taste should be. Since you mix the drink yourself, you can adapt it to your individual preferences.

Especially when using large quantities, for example as a food manufacturer, you act environmentally conscious. With oat drink powder, there is much less waste for the same amount of the drink. In addition, the grain can be grown regionally, saving unnecessary import routes.

When shopping, you also benefit from not having to carry heavy: With one can of oat drink powder, you stir about five liters of the drink.

Other applications of oat drink powder

In fact, you can vary the use of the powder – another advantage over the purchased liquid. Instead of using it exclusively to mix oat drink, many people use it as a vegan alternative to coffee creamer.

In addition, you can also use it to enhance cereal, yogurt, or in baking. Since the powder has a slight sweet note, you can add a delicious flavor to your dishes.

Oat milk powder is especially interesting for food manufacturers: it is the optimal milk substitute product in vegan versions of ice cream, desserts and chocolate.

Woman pours Oat Milk from Powder in a Glas

Oat Milk out of Powder

Further advantages of and purchase tips for oat products

Basically, oat convinces with its many positive properties: It is generally considered to be very easy to digest. However, people with lactose intolerance are particularly well served by the grain – it contains no lactose. In addition, oats contain a variety of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins that are important for the human body.

When buying products made from oats, you should pay attention to high quality. For example, we at naVitalo attach great importance to sustainability and the absence of genetic engineering. To ensure that the above benefits really end up in the final product, our oats used are microbiologically controlled. If you are food manufacturer looking for appropriate products, contact us gladly.

Oat drink powder is not right for you? Maybe you would like to try rice drink powder – or you can read more about it first in our blog post: Rice drink powder: Benefits and application of the plant-based milk alternative.