Rice syrup: healthy alternative to other sweeteners?

Rice syrup alternatives

Rice syrup: healthy alternative to other sweeteners?

More and more people have the ambition to limit their consumption of industrial sugar. The main reason for this is usually a consideration of their own health. Fortunately, there are now a variety of natural alternatives on the market, which bring with them very different benefits.

One of these is rice syrup, which has long been used in Asian cuisine and is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its light caramel flavor. In addition, rice syrup is considered a healthy sugar substitute – but is that really true? We will get to the bottom of this question in this blog post.


How is the natural syrup made?

To make a thick syrup from the cereal grains, the rice is first finely ground. The resulting flour is finally heated together with natural enzymes and water. During this process, the sugar is broken down. To free the liquid from all solid components, it is filtered. Now it only needs to be further thickened by heat until the desired consistency is achieved. This can be compared to that of honey.


In the production of rice syrup, therefore, you can do without artificial additives. You get a vegan final product that consists only of rice, natural enzymes and water.


Depending on the intensity of this process, rice syrup also comes in different shades. The darker, the more intense the caramel flavor. But even the darker versions are rather mild compared to household sugar.

Rice on a field.

Rice Plant on a field.

Health benefits of rice syrup

One thing in advance: rice syrup also consists of sugar, albeit natural. So, in general, one cannot speak of a healthy food here. As with all foods, it depends on a balanced diet and an adequate amount.

Basically, however, it can already be stated that rice syrup has some advantages in contrast to other sweeteners:

The calorie content

At just over 300 kcal per 100 g, the energy content is about 100 kcal below that of industrial sugar. From a health point of view, this is a clear point in favor of rice syrup. However, if you are very fond of sweet foods and therefore use a larger amount, this advantage will not apply.

Especially if you suffer from intolerances, rice syrup can be a healthy alternative for you:


Rice syrup for fructose intolerance

The colloquially called fructose is not only found in fruits. It is also contained in normal household sugar. Those who have an intolerance can have problems here. Rice syrup, on the other hand, is free of fructose and is therefore easy to digest.

Histamine & gluten intolerance

Rice is 100% gluten-free, so this also applies to rice syrup. And even if you have an intolerance to histamine, you can consume it without hesitation.

Rice syrup as a healthy alternative for allergy sufferers

Many hay fever sufferers are allergic to honey. This is because it contains a lot of pollen itself. Rice syrup does not cause any health complaints resulting from an allergy here and is considered to be well tolerated.

Rice Syrup in glases.

This is what Rice Syrup looks like.

Conclusion: Is rice syrup healthy?

As with any food, the motto with rice syrup is: quantity makes the difference. Whether it can be seen as a healthier alternative to sugar also depends in part on your perspective. You can especially benefit if you suffer from intolerances and allergies. Here, you have a clear advantage when using rice syrup.

If you like it less sweet and a light caramel flavor is enough for you, you also benefit from a lower calorie content.

But: watch out if you are diabetic. Rice syrup has a glycemic index of 98, so blood sugar rises sharply after consumption.

But beyond the advantages mentioned above, there are other health factors that are in your own hands. For example, if you pay attention to the quality when buying!

We recommend that you use syrup made from organic rice. This comes from organic and sustainable cultivation. In addition, you should make sure that natural and GMO-free enzymes are used in the production.

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Perhaps oat or tapioca syrup are your alternative of choice instead. For some purposes, however, syrup simply doesn’t have the right consistency. In this case, rice syrup or tapioca powder might be optimal for you.

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